C-House Executive Condominium :


Room Type Rates
Studio / Deluxe unit
32/40 sqm.:1 room combined living and bedroom

Studio rate
:Bt.1,300/day with breakfast

Deluxe rate
:Bt.1,500/day with breakfast

A perfect size of 40 sqm for two persons that luxuriously decorated in a contemporary Thai style. The room offers one queen size double bed with LCD screen TV, dining table, kitchen pantry and rain shower bath room.

Junior Suite
72 sqm.:1 living ,1 kitchen,1 dining, 1 bar and 2

Junior rate
:Bt.2,500/day with breakfast

A comfortable size of 32 sqm room in a modern Thai design. Inside the room, there are one queen size bed, LCD screen TV, cozy sofa, dinning table and rain shower.

Executive Suite
104 sqm.:1 living ,1 kitchen,1 dining,1 bar , 1
study room,and 2 master bedrooms

Executive rate
:Bt.2,900/day with breakfast

A spacious 104 sqm room with a modern Thai style which beautifully decorated in bright and warm color. This room offers two spacious bedrooms that combine one queen size double bed and one single bed. Both rooms have a rain shower bathroom and walk in closet. We also provide one living room with LCD screen TV and one kitchen pantry.
** Remark : Monthly rate is not include service fees(maid, Laundry, internet, central service) **